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If you feel that your legal rights have been infringed upon, you can trust Nicholas Derzko Barrister & Solicitor to provide you with the advice and guidance you need to rectify this situation. Based in Northeast Toronto and serving clients from across the GTA, he has both the experience and expertise to address legal issues involving administrative law, tax law, financial law and more. He is committed to protecting your rights and doing everything he can to resolve every situation to your satisfaction.

Legal Representation: Taxes, Pensions, Retirement Plans and More

It is important to protect your financial future, and if you feel that the government has committed an injustice that affects your finances, it must be dealt with thoroughly and effectively. Whether it involves your taxes, pension or your retirement plan, Nicholas Derzko has correct knowledge in both administration and tax law to assess the situation and devise a plan to remedy it. He has appeared before the Financial Services Board, provincial courts and the Federal Tax Court of Canada, and he is more than ready to argue your case.

Decades of Financial and Legal Experience

Nicholas Derzko was called to the Ontario Bar Association in 1990. In addition to his 25 years of practicing law, he has been a long-time professor at the University of Toronto, rising to the position of Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics. His decades of experience in both the theoretical and practical application of financial concepts and laws make him qualified to address legal issues related to your personal finance.

The office of Nicholas Derzko Barrister & Solicitor is located in Northeast Toronto, with free parking available for your convenience. Contact us to schedule an appointment and receive strong representation.

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